If you are operating an internet business website then you are always looking for new ways of bringing repeat business and traffic to your website. Offering a newsletter and promoting it on your website with an opt-in form will bring you repeat business and brand you as an authority in your field.

In your newsletter you can promote products and services from your website profitably by establishing trust with your readers. How do you do that? By providing your visitors with helpful information throughout your newsletter or e-course. This helps your readers to open up to you and to trust you. Then you can make offers to that list of subscribers. It's one of the smartest ways to market because you can turn one visit into repeat visits which leads to sales.

To make money with e-mail marketing you have to create an information course or simply a group of articles that you will send to those who subscribe. Each article or course in the series is sent to your subscribers in 3-4 day intervals. You'll need to find a source of your information for your newsletter by having it written for you, or by researching and writing the content you want your newsletter to contain. You can search for freelance writers to write an e-course for you, or search the article directory websites for ideas. You will also need to acquire inexpensive auto responder software. This software is easy to use and will allow the messages to go out automatically and in the order you choose. A quick Google search is all it takes to find both content and auto responder software.

Think about the benefit of promoting your business opportunity or affiliate program over and over to visitors who might not have come back to your website. Following up with your visitors is key in any business. With a newsletter that you control you can send broadcast messages whenever you like to your list, and you have the power to contact everyone on your list when you have a special promotion, or if you want to recommend a business opportunity.

Many of the most successful internet business owners use this simple technique to make a fortune online. The combination of a website, a newsletter that people want to read, and an auto responder is a simple marketing method that renders it almost impossible for you not to make money online.

There are many ways to attract people to joining your list. People love to receive things for free, giving away your newsletter and mentioning that it is in fact free is a great way to give free information on topics in your business niche as well as attract interest in the related products and services.

With a newsletter and auto responder working for you all day long you can advertise a different product with each lesson or newsletter, make money by selling reprint rights to those who would like to sell the course, gain referrals from word of mouth, and make money by selling advertising space in your newsletter. With all of the benefits mentioned it is a smart decision to add this profit stream to your internet business website.

Email marketing is a low cost Internet marketing method for small business owners to improve their sales. Email marketing is the most cost-effective strategy to market to your customers. Targeting your email to the correct demographic establishes a strong foundation for your campaigns to be effective.
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